Finance Department

Mission and Purpose

  • To ensure fiscal stability, accountability, and integrity
  • To maintain highest performance through comprehensive financial management
  • To provide operating support to public services
  • To maintain strong stakeholder confidence

Key Service Objectives

  • Increase Information Accuracy, Timeliness, and Usefulness through City Financial Management System
  •  Strengthen Controls on Commitment of City and Grant Funds
  • Improve Management of City’s Assets and Liabilities, including Liquidity and Returns on Cash
  •  Provide Timely Monthly Financial Reports to all Department and Division Heads
  • Ensure Stakeholder Confidence by continuing record of unqualified opinions on audit financial statements.


William Senande
Business Administrator, Chief Financial Officer

Phone:  973- 266-5155

Fax:  973-266-5158

Email: [email protected]

Financial Information

City Budgets

Calendar Year 2014 Budget

Calendar Year 2013 Budget

Calendar Year 2012 Budget

Fiscal/Transitional Year 2011 Budget

 Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

Fiscal Year 2009 Budget


City Financial & Debt Statements

Audit Reports

Fiscal Year 2013 Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2012 Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2011 Audit Report

Transitional Year 2011 Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2010 Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2009 Audit Report


Annual Financial Statements

Calendar Year 2013 Financial Statement

Calendar Year 2012 Financial Statement

Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Statement

Transitional Year 2011 Financial Statement

Fiscal Year 2010 Financial Statement


Annual Debt Statements

Calendar Year 2012 Annual Debt Statement 

Transitional Year 2011 Annual Debt Statement

Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Debt Statement